Tuesday, November 27th kicks off our season of giving. Georgia Gives Day is an opportunity to help us empower more young women from around the state of Georgia through our Call Me Miss Ambassador Conference and Leadership Development Program. From now to the end of 2018 our goal is $50,000 to help host multiple One Day Conferences and impact the lives of over 1000 young women. Our goal is to also give out $30,000 in scholarships to deserving young women who seek to be change agents in their communities. Join us on #givingtuesday and #GAGIVESDAY to impact the lives of young change agents!

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    Join us for our 38 by 30 fundraising campaign. Help us empower more young women to be agents of change in their communities. Our goal is 38 new donors every 30 days! Donations help fund our programming, scholarships and mini grants!

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  • What We Do

    We Empower, Enlighten and Encourage women to be change agents.

    Our Mission

    We are a platform for girls and women to be agents of change.

    Ambassadors of Change (AOC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to give young minority women a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as an ambassador of change and to encourage, empower and enlighten, communities, states and nations. Our purpose is to be a rising voice in the community and to make a difference, by providing educational forums and events that focus on health disparities, poverty, violence and major issues plaguing communities in our nation and around the world.

    Our Programs

    Making a difference. Taking a stand. Changing the world.


    The Call Me Miss Ambassador Summer Program & Conference is an inspiring and empowering event where girls and young women, ages 14-28, meet to spark world-changing conversation. Over 250 young women come together for a week of inspiration and life-changing dialogues. The event features guest speakers, panel discussions and workshops. Topics include: STEM education, health and wellness, financial literacy and leadership development. Attendees leave energized and empowered to become agents of change in their communities and to advocate for causes they are passionate about. This Conference is hosted in Atlanta, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Washington DC, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Charleston and more cities to come through out the year.




    The Ambassador of Change Awards Luncheon honors remarkable women changing their communities and making a difference in the lives of others. During the luncheon, four (4) State Ambassadors are also honored and receive scholarships for their commitment to the areas of Health and Wellness, Community Involvement, Leadership and Women’s




    MBUSAM Ambassadors Program A curriculum based program that selects young women of color across the United States to be Change Agents in their communities and empowers them to give 365 days of support and resources to communities in need. It’s a platform for today’s savvy, smart and aware, young women of color to express their viewpoints, extraordinary talents and accomplishments to the national public, while offering scholarships opportunities to further education.



    EmpowerHer Tour - Coming SOON






  • Who We Are

    Role models to young minority women, and to women around the world.

    Celebrate. Inspire. Empower.

    We honor achievement to inspire women to find their power.

    Reflecting our focus of being agents of change in the community, AOC recognizes national community leaders and organizations that have made a significant contribution in the areas of health and wellness, leadership, community involvement, and women empowerment. Past honorees at our annual Awards Luncheon include: civil rights icon Xernona Clayton; celebrity physician Dr. Jaqueline Walters; award-winning author and actress Roshonda Tate Billingsley; Girltrek and its founder Vanessa Garrison; and HGTV personality Egypt Sherrod, just to name a few.

    Why is AOC so vital?

    A message from our founder, Patrice Harrison

    Young women today face more pressures and challenges than ever. Recent studies about "young Black Women" reveals concerning data:

    • More than 20% of young black girls are Obese and have little access to information on healthy food choices or education on making healthy choices.

    • 56% of girls as young as 13 have been sexually harassed and Black Young women have the highest cases of sexual abuse and assault those goes unreported.

    • African American women and Latinas account for 80% of reported female HIV/AIDS diagnoses, even though they represent only 25% of the U.S. female population

    • Young Black Women want to be debt free or learn to manage money, but dont know where to start.

    • Young black women are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population, and don’t get the help needed due to fear.

    • Finally Young black women say that the top three biggest barriers to taking on

    • leadership roles and changing their communities are being laughed at, speaking in front

    • of others, and shyness.


    Each of these figures are troubling on their own, but is it even more concerning to know that 75% of young women who struggle with low self-esteem in this manner engage in harmful behaviors like drugs, drinking, bullying, disordered eating and have suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, we know what can make the difference.

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