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Our  History & Mission


Ambassadors of Change Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. AOC was created to support the unique needs of Black women and youth as they rise as activists and agents of change.


The history of the world shows that the most pivotal movements have been led by Black women, all while they have been the least resourced and most burdened demographic. For generations, Black women have been forced to do more with less. The contributions that have been made to our countries, communities and families is immeasurable. Yet, the vastness of our progress has not equated to space for most Black women to freely breathe, heal, pursue ambitions or find joy.

AOC is dedicated to shifting the lived experience of Black women and youth through offering an ecosystem of resources that centers the healing, development, and relational needs that are specific to Black women and youth. Through programing, mentorship, community and capacity building, AOC supports the elevation and pursuit of: 

  • Healing Justice

  • Leadership Development

  • Civic Engagement


Healing Justice

  • An estimated 8 out of 10 Black women have experienced some form of trauma.

  • Only 25% of African Americans seek mental health treatment (compared to 40% of white Americans).

  • Black women experience the highest rates of premature death from preventable diseases, 137 die each day from heart disease - that's more than gun violence, HIV/AIDS and smoking combined.


We cannot allow trauma to continue to stunt our growth and take our lives. To give space to release and navigate through the health needs of our women and girls, we host healing circles and wellness activities curated by experienced healers and health professionals. From exclusive trainings with GirlTrek, the nation’s largest non-profit and health movement for Black women and girls, to mental health group sessions, we cultivate an environment that centers on providing the tools needed to connect and care for the unique needs of Black women.


Leadership Development

  • 47% of Black women who work full-time or part-time do not feel like they have opportunity for career advancement or promotion.

  • 40% of black women have had their judgment questioned in their area of expertise.

  • 41% of black women said they never have a substantive interaction with a senior leader about their work.


The majority of systems that we serve and work within are not built to supply Black women with equitable opportunities to grow our skills and advance in our desired paths. Through tailored training experiences offered by leaders in capacity building and professional development, our year long programs (LeadHership Cohort for women,  Elevated Outcomes for girls, Distinguished Young Ambassadors Program for boys ) and the Call Me Miss Ambassador Annual Conference help build the skills of Black women and girls to support their growth as leaders, activists and agents of change. Education and trainings center on the physiology of leadership, public speaking, personal branding, driving culture, financial literacy and more.


Civic Engagement

  • 61% of young Black women said they took some concrete action for racial justice in 2020 (compared to 41% of young white women, and 36% of young Asian women).

  • 53% of Black women have worked with others to address community issues.

  • Only 17 Black women have ever held statewide elected executive offices, and no Black woman has ever been elected governor.


More than any other group, Black women are on the front lines rallying for the issues and changes that matter most for our communities. Yet, the expansiveness of our activism and community organizing footprint has not translated to Black women holding an equitable stake of elected offices. We aim to be a catalyzing force and support behind the advancement of Black women as they lead change in communities and nations, alike. We create opportunities for the change makers of AOC to amplify their initiatives and connect with resources that would best support them. We curate specialized training in organizing, mobilization and political education in order to activate as a collective community to dismantle inequitable and unjust systems.


Impact Numbers:


Over the past 10 years, our programming has reached: 

  • 5,000+ women and girls across over 40 states & US territories and 15 countries have been reach with our programming

  • 1,000+ young women have been engaged with our Call Me Miss Ambassador Conference. Through this free conference, we equip young Black women and girls with the tools and support they need to rise as leaders and change agents. 

  • 300+ women have been equipped to be the next generation of leaders through the MBIA LeadHership Cohort

  • 50+ youth have completed our newest school leadership program, Elevated Outcome.

  • $100,000+ awarded through scholarships and community mini grants

Our Mission

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


We are so excited about 2024! We have some amazing goals and can't reach them without you.

We are launching our Distinguished Young Ambassadors Program for young black men ages 12-18.

 Call Me Miss Ambassador and Distinguished Young Ambassadors  Conference coming the summer of 2024 Our 6 Month Leadership Cohort July of 2024.

AOC Wellness workshops, period packs and education , maternal health workshops and healing circles all throughout the year. 

Over $100,000 in scholarships and grants for young black women in leadership.

Stay tuned for so much more! 

We Need Your Support Today!

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