• Our Mission

    Ambassadors of Change (AOC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission supports multigenerational Black and African descent girls and women to serve as an ambassador of change and to encourage, empower and enlighten communities, states, and nations. Our purpose is to be a rising voice in the community and to make a transformative difference, by increasing self efficacy, providing leadership development training and education, focused on health disparities, political organizing, and equity for black women.

    Why Black Women?

    We center Black and African descent women, girls, and gender-expansive youth because they are the most marginalized among us and are pivotal to the movement of systematic changes needed to create equity for the Black community.

    Our Research

    Along with the experiences of our staff and board, we pull our research, data, and information from organizations aligned with our beliefs and have tenure in the field. In 2024 we will produce a Participatory Action Research project.

    Vision For the Future

    Our vision is to create the tools for Black women to become change agents by providing training in organizing, mobilization, political education, life skills and overall wellness tailored by regions with the lens of centering Black people.

  • State of the Organization

    AOC is currently undergoing leadership transitions and strategic planning.We aim to grow our staff in Development and Programs departments.