We cannot learn on top of trauma.


    Negative sociopolitical experiences, including racism, discrimination, and sexism, put Black and African descent women at risk for low-income jobs, multiple role strain, and health problems, all of which are associated with the onset of mental illness.


    Black women and girls face unique challenges throughout navigating life. Unpacking the trauma of pressure from Western societal norms as a Black woman needs to be holistically taught by the people impacted.


    Mental health is a state of well-being in which a girl can cope with the normal stresses of life, participate effectively in activities like school, and contribute to her community.

  • AOC Core Values

    How we achieve our mission


    Building Self-Efficacy

    We boost self-efficacy by creating a cultural environment safe zone for unpacking the unique trauma BW endure pursuing careers.


    Leadership Development

    We provide BW with life skills and scholarship opportunities to further their career goals in a multitude of fields.


    Political Education

    We teach participants how the systems in place are not built to uphold Black women and the ways we can take action to dismantle these systems.

  • Our Programs

    Miss Black International Ambassador

    Our pageant competition is an opportunity for Black women and teens to represent their communities, learn public speaking skills, and form healthy competitive behavior.

    MBIA is a curriculum-based program that selects women to be Change Agents in their communities and empowers them to dedicate 365 days of support and advocacy to community issues. It is a platform for today's savvy and woke Black women to express their viewpoints and accomplishments to the nation while offering scholarships and grants to further participants' career goals.

    Elevated Outcomes

    supports marginalized girls and women through mentorship, coaching, and educational workshops. This program is one of several entry points for young women to engage in Ambassadors of Change programs. Elevated Outcomes will cultivate an expansion mindset through life skill acquisition and increasing self-efficacy.

    Call Me Miss Ambassador Conference

    This conference gathers together youth outside of our base but from our communities to interact with our Change Agents for a fun and interactive day of inspiration and life-changing dialogues. The event features panel discussions, workshops, healing justice education. Attendees leave energized and empowered.


    2022 Focus Area: Mantras for Mental Health 


  • Why pageantry?

    They are role models not only to young African American women but to women around the world. They partner with key political figures and international initiatives to bring support to their efforts and platforms. These women are more than a pretty faces and the program is more than a competition. It’s a program that gives 365 days of support and resources to communities in need.